Photostream App – Part 3

In the final part, we will create a simple hybrid mobile application that will snap a photo and upload it to the file upload service.

I’m using the following framework and tools

  1. Ionic – this is the responsive web/mobile framework based on AngularJS
  2. Cordova camera plugin –
  3. Cordova file transfer plugin –


The Ionic source is available here.

Till next time.

Screencast: Creating a Hybrid Mobile Application with Ionic and Cordova

p { font-size: 1.3em; }

I’ve just published a new screencast on how to create hybrid mobile application using the Ionic framework. This screencast is a remake of an older version.

This remakes includes infinite scrolling, integration with 2 Cordova plugins as well as customizing the generated Android ‘shell’.

The source code and the APK is available here.

Till next time.

A Cordova Plugin for Getting the Phone Number on Your Android Phone

Something that I put together while working on a project. There is one available. There is even a nice blog by the author.

My plugin is almost exactly the same as Simon’s. The only difference is that mine is about 3 years late. I did this because I wanted to learn about Cordova plugin development and also to use try out Android Studio.

You can get the details of the plugin here.

BTW the plugin will not work if the phone number is not available on your phone. Go to Settings | About device | Status | My phone number to see if the number is available before you use.

Till next time

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