Another Screencast – Stateful Objects with Conversation

I’ve really caught the screencast bug; here is another screencast on conversation support in Vorpal. In the screencast I use Vorpal to develop an Eliza service.

Here is how it works. IM users establish a chat session with eliza@arkham.batcomputer JID (or whatever subdomain you choose to deploy it in). If the in coming messages to Eliza has <thread> element, then Vorpal can use that to establish a conversation.

To begin a ‘therapy session’ with Eliza, send to eliza@arkham.batcomputer a message with start as the message content. Vorpal will create an instance of Eliza and hold that for the duration of the conversation. When you decided to end the session, simply send it a message with quit. Vorpal will clear all the objects in the conversation’s context.

Note: the above screencast is about 16:28 mins. Not sure why Youtube thinks its 49:18 mins

I’ve blogged extensively about conversation support and the programming model in my previous posting call Conversations with Vorpal.

You can get the source code of the demo here.
Get the latest Jabberwocky bundle here.
The Eliza source used in the screencast is available from

Till next time.


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